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Off the Deep End

Biskwaq Griddle Pack

Do your drums sound like shit? Thicken up your sound with this nifty Biskwiq sample pack. Includes Kicks, Snares, Claps, ASMR and more!

The following pack consists of 10 kicks, 10 snares, 10 claps, 10 hats, 10 percs, 10 808s, 5 fills, 10 loops, 6 shouts, 3 transitions 4 asmr sessions (Performed by Atwood, Biskwiq, Khai Dreams and Tocci), demo track and accompaning stems.

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RYCE makes a powerful comeback with this ice cold take on romance. From the colorful STFU to GOMD we see a RYCE whose truly coming into his own and discovering his sound. The bright plucking guitar chords and light production compliment his confidence and unapologetic nature, track after track.