Saying Goodbye to a Friend

     It is with the saddest hearts that today we must officially announce the departure of samsa from Off the Jump. As many of you have noticed, samsa has decided to leave behind the internet, including his social media and his SoundCloud, to pursue a life outside of music. For several weeks now we've debated on when and how to share this disheartening news. We have some big plans for the end of 2017, so we decided it was best to get this off of our chests first.

     Samsa has been a member of OTJ for as long as almost anybody, silently guiding us towards higher goals and bigger dreams. His passion and vigor pushed OTJ to new heights, and we are forever thankful for his hard work and dedication. We believe the bonds he formed with all of you will never be forgotten, as the bond he formed with all of us could not be. Often times we refer to ourselves as family, and we will always be that, no matter where our paths lead. 

"I don't want to be a content creator, I want to be a content creator" - samsa

Chris Wrightsamsa, Goodbye